Alumnes de Polònia ens visiten a la nostra escola amb el projecte ERASMUS+

Divendres 22 d’octubre van arribar al centre els estudiants d’intercanvi de Polònia

El projecte ERASMUS+ és un projecte organitzat per la Unió Europea. Trobem diversos tipus d’intercanvis, el projecte en el qual ha participat la nostra escola amb una escola de Olésnica consisteix en un intercanvi de tretze alumnes de tercer d’ESO. Ara ens han visitat els alumnes de Polònia, i en uns mesos tretze alumnes de la nostra escola visitaran l’escola de Olésnica i es trobaran amb ells. 

Aquest projecte es va posar en marxa l’any de 2020, a causa de la COVID no es va poder dur a terme, per tant, s’ha reprès aquest curs 2021 i comença amb el viatge dels estudiants procedents de Polònia. Hem entrevistat alguns estudiants perquè ens parlin de la seva experiència.

Els estudiants d’intercanvi i els alumnes de FEDAC en el laboratori de l’escola.

How did you feel during these days in Barcelona?

Emilia Nyga (exchange student): We’ve felt very good and very welcomed, in Barcelona you are all very kind.

What planning do you have for this week?

Tomasz Bruzdowicz (alumne): Well, we’re going on several excursions to visit the city; like Parc Güell, which we’re especially excited about. The two days left  we will be at your school doing activities

What do you hope to learn and what have you learned by now?

Monika Kwiatek (profesora): I hope my students learn customs, and gain knowledge of other cultures. Practice English and Spanish, and most importantly have fun and enjoy this experience.

What differences do you find most noticeable between Barcelona and Poland?

Anastazja Zyla (alumna): The food overall, it’s really different but it’s so good. Also the customs and ambience, as you are all more familiar here. We’ve been surprised by how you have confidence with your teachers, we otherwise cannot tell them by their name, and we have to treat them with a lot of cordiality.

Has communication been difficult?

Nina Chorazewska (aluma): Yes, since I don’t speak English that well. And I think Spanish is spoken quite quickly so I’m having trouble understanding it.

Did you like the city?

Monika Kwiatek (profesora): I had already visited it, but it’s a pleasure to see this beautiful city again. No one of my students had ever visited it, and they were amazed by the big buildings, the people, and the ambience in general. They loved it.

Would you recommend this experience?

Maja Olszewska (alumna): Of course, it is a wonderful experience, I’ll take with me very valuable learnings and friendships.

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